The Tapestry Kit Collection

The Tapestry Kit Collection

Quality kits to make beautiful needlepoint tapestry

The Tapestry Kit Collection brings you the best kits from all the top British tapestry designers.

All our tapestry kits are carefully selected. A great design is essential, but the very best quality materials are needed too. We understand how much of your time is invested in each tapestry and that you want to be rewarded with something you will want to keep forever, an heirloom.

Primavera tapestry kits Primavera tapestry
Millennia Designs tapestry kits Millennia Designs
Kirk & Hamilton tapestry kits Kirk & Hamilton
Fine Cell Work tapestry kits Fine Cell Work tapestry
Beth Russell's Designers Forum tapestry kits Beth Russell's
Designers Forum
Elizabeth Bradley Tapestry Kits Elizabeth Bradley
Animal Fayre tapestry kits Animal Fayre
The Historical Sampler Company tapestry kits The Historical Sampler Company
Jolly Red tapestry kits Jolly Red
Purple Tree Needlepoint  kits The Purple Tree Needlepoint
One Off tapestry kits One Off tapestry
Beverley Needlepoint trammed tapestry kits Beverley Trammed Tapestry
Ivo trammed tapestry kits Ivo Trammed Tapestry Canvases
Julia Hickman's Stitchery trammed tapestry canvases Stitchery Trammed Tapestry Canvases

Stitchme bespoke tapestry kits Personalised tapestry kits
Background Wool for Trammed Tapestries Background wool for trammed tapestries
Tapestry Frames and Accessories Tapestry frames and accessories
Making Up Service Making Up Service

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The Tapestry Kit Collection brings you the best kits from all the top British needlepoint tapestry designers